The gym

Free Weights
Fixed Barbells
Olympic Lifting
Weighted plates
Barbell Plates
Weighted Plates

Free Weights

  • Dedicated large Free Weights section with Dumbbells ranging from 1kg up to 95kg

  • Fixed barbells up to 60kg

  • Olympic lifting bars, plates and platform

  • Deadlift platforms

  • 3 x squat racks




  • Multiple high-end plate loaded machines for each muscle group

  • Specialised Nautilus, Hammer Strength and Cybex equipment

  • Plate loaded and selectorised equipment for all levels

  • Norton Gym WGC obtains high-end Nautilus cardio and strength equipment rarely found anywhere else in the country. 

Alternative Squat
Hammer Strength Equipment
Seated Overhead Press
Hammer Strength
Nautilus Equipment
Cardio Room
Champions Ladder
Cardio Room
Basketball abdominals equipment
Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 16.01.21

Cardio/ Conditioning

Our wide range of high-end Cardiovascular / Conditioning equipment includes:

  • Cross trainers

  • Treadmills

  • Steppers

  • Champions Ladders

  • Exercise Bikes

  • Recumbent Bicycles

  • Basketball ab machines

  • Large Studio (equipped with dumbbells + barbells)

  • Heavy duty boxing bag

Products & Services

On site protein bar serving:

  • Protein shakes

  • Protein tubs (to buy)

  • Pre-workout drinks

  • Pre-workout tubs (to buy)

  • Fresh fruit

Other products/ services:

  • Protein bar vending machine

  • Norton Gym clothing + Apparel

  • Personal training services

  • Sun bed


Protein Bar Vending Machines
Norton Gym WGC Apparel
Norton Gym WGC Apparel
Sun Beds
On Site supplement bar
Norton Gym WGC

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